Social Procurement

A1 Building has always adopted strong social, economic and environmental policies. Engaging a strong open door policy to service innovation, local sustainability, employment and training. A1 Building engages a diverse workforce and encourages innovation and exploration in social procurement. While some Australian communities are struggling to address multifaceted complexed social issues, A1 Building Solutions has been at the forefront of social inclusions. This is based on strong Indigenous, challenged youth and affordable housing tenant inclusions employment based at both our Sydney and Newcastle offices. A1 Building is proud of involvement in local community renewal projects and has worked with clients to ensure positive outcomes.

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Cana Farm - A Social Enterprise Initiative

A1 Building Solution’s company subsidiary Fencing Solutions currently recycle a tonnage per month of timber and fencing materials to community enterprise, Cana Farm in Western Sydney. The wood is used in the creation of garden edging, planter boxes, tomato stakes and outdoor furniture for use at the farm, sale and distribution to community projects.

Cana Farm offers opportunities for the long term unemployed and challenged youth in building their self-confidence by overcoming self-doubt through peer mentoring and project involvement.

The initiative spans nine years and A1 Building Solutions has also employed staff from the farm as delivery drivers and labourers.

It’s good for the people , good for the environment and good for the community .

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